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Rent Recovery Service 

No Commissions Ever

We charge a small flat fee to send our collection letters on your behalf. No commissions, hidden costs or minimums. Just straight forward collection agency services.

Credit Reporting

Report to credit bureaus including Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Selecting to report to credit bureaus warns other creditors and helps get you paid.

No Judgment Required

A judgment is not required to submit an account to a debt collection agency. The debt must be valid and legally owed with back up documentation for proof of debt. 


in delinquent rent collection for over 54 years.


Rent Recovery Service worked very well for me. I signed up for the 3 letters and phone calls. I ended up settling for far less than what was owed but would not have gotten anything had it not been for them. Now I got paid, the debtor will not have his credit ruined and I have learned a valuable lesson about being a landlord. I would definitely use them again. Thanks!


This was a “Hail Mary” shot as far as I was concerned. I thought for sure that I would have to chase this for months, possibly settling for significantly lower than what I was owed. Today, I got a check for 100% of the amount owed, including the costs associated with this service. I hope I never have to do this again, but if I do, I absolutely will use this service again!

Christopher HLandlord

Collection Experience

The largest and most aggressive landlord debt collection agency in the country.

Dedicated Staff

A highly trained and experienced staff of skip tracers, attorneys, private investigators and professional collection agents team.

National Reach

Nationwide electronic surveillance and an asset flagging system.




    Instant Debtor Placement

Once an account is place with the flat fee program, the first letter is automatically printed and mailed the next business day. In the event you ordered a multiple letter package, the subsequent letters are automatically printed and mailed at regular intervals.

  Debtor Direct Payments

The debtor is instructed to pay you, the creditor directly. That means that we never touch the money. There are no commissions or contingency fees. You receive 100% of the amount due. Since registration is free, your only cost to use this service is the small one-time placement fee per account.

  Instant RollOver Feature

In the event you should later choose our more aggressive contingency collection program, it is as simple as a mouse click and the account is automatically transferred.

    Credit Bureau Reporting

Each account is automatically reported to the three major credit bureaus. SSN’s are not required, but helpful. Please see our FAQ.


  Electronic Surveillance

Every judgment debtor is placed on a nationwide tracking system. This system allows us to follow their financial lives without their knowledge. If they attempt to get credit, purchase real estate, or apply for an apartment we are notified immediately. This remarkable monitoring system can even alert us if they have applied for a job or opened a new bank account.

  Asset Location and Confiscation

Our staff of licensed private investigators and trained collection agents will locate assets and arrange for levy or repossession.

  Legal Documentation

All necessary documentation is prepared by paralegals and attorneys at no additional cost to you. A national network of legal advisors has been assembled to assist us with collections in every state.


Let's Get Started Today!

You can send collection letters out within 24 hours. Registration is free and you can collect your money and keep 100%. There is no commission or contingency fee with our flat fee process.

Registering for a Flat Fee account with Rent Recovery Service is a free one-time process that is fast, easy and secure.! 

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