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Capital Compliance Group provides licensing and compliance services to the debt collection industry.  We can handle your licensing needs less expensively than you can do it in-house, and licensing is what we do. We stay on top of the changes so that you don’t have to.

Our job is to make your job easier.

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CCG - Capital Compliance Group

Capital Compliance Group is a boutique consulting firm with a focus in licensing, certification, and compliance for the receivables management industry.

Capital Compliance Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Capital Compliance Group?

Capital Compliance Group is a boutique consulting firm with a focus in licensing, certification, and compliance for the receivables management industry. CCG was formed to provide quality and timely results for any sized companies, but with a small company feel. Whether your company is large or small you will love our personal approach. We were formed with the entrepreneur in mind. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t have the time or resources to handle the strict guidelines and deadlines when it comes to licensing, research, regulations, bidding bond rates, certification, standard operating procedure development, and compliance related issues. In today’s fast paced business cycles companies MUST find a way to properly navigate through these vital issues. CCG can take these critical burdens for you so you can focus on increasing revenue and servicing your clients.

What is our philosophy?

At Capital Compliance Group, we are concerned with our client.  We stay small enough that no client gets lost in the shuffle because they are a small client. Clients have our individual phone numbers and can call us anytime.  At Capital Compliance Group, we believe in relationships that create success. We do not simply want to receive a retainer check every month. We want our clients to be successful



Capital Compliance Group is a member of RMA (Receivables Management Association).  RMA is a trade organization that represents companies in the debt management and collections space.  RMA offers certifications and has a code of ethics that show companies best practices for the protection of the consumer against unethical debt collection practices.

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Capital Compliance Group

What is Capital Compliance Group?

Capital Compliance Group is a company that offers licensing and compliance services to debt collection agencies, debt buyers, debt sellers and debt brokers.

How does Capital Compliance Group help a debt collection agency?

We outsource your licensing department. We handle licensing faster and with less cost than having someone in house handle it. Since licensing is a specialty of ours, we stay up to date on changes in licensing laws. Rarely does an agency have anyone whose only job is to handle licensing. They have a lot of other duties, which means they may not stay current on licensing issues. That could cost an agency their license in a state or in multiple states.

Does my agency really need to be licensed across the United States?

Yes. Debt Sellers and Debt Brokers are now requiring agencies to be licensed in the states they are collecting in and many of them are unwilling to break up portfolios because an agency isn’t licensed in a certain jurisdiction. Additionally, what happens if a debtor moves to a state that your agency is not licensed in? Federal Courts have been ruling for a while now that being unlicensed in a state that requires licensing and collecting in that state, is an automatic violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. What that means is, if that happens to your agency, the only question is, how big is the check you are going to write?

What services does Capital Compliance Group perform for debt sellers, passive debt buyers and debt brokers?

Federal Courts have begun interpreting the definition of a debt collector under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act against debt sellers, passive debt buyers and potentially, even debt brokers. The definition of a debt collector under the FDCPA is someone whose primary business is the collection of debts. This can create liability for an unlicensed debt seller, passive debt buyer or even a debt broker. Additionally, several states specifically require debt sellers or passive debt buyers to be licensed.

For debt sellers, passive debt buyers or even debt brokers, not only can we handle licensing, we can also audit a debt collector you are doing business with to confirm they are licensed where they claim to be.

How long does it typically take to become licensed nationwide?

We typically plan on a year. We will talk with our clients and determine what their specific needs are. If a client is in a rush, we can get the licensing done in a few months.

What other services does Capital Compliance Group offer?

In addition to licensing, we offer additional compliance services. These include preparing standard operating procedures and training on them, as well as training on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and other subjects as well.

How do I contact Capital Compliance Group?

We can be reached by phone at (615) 241-5350. Or you can find us on the web at






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