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Professional Debt Collectors Cooperative offers our members the products, servic es, and industry-related insight into today's most important aspects of the debt collection business. Changing lifestyles, the advent of purchased debt, your skills and the internet have all made it possible to reduce and in some cases eliminate most of the overhead formerly associated with running a collection agency, effectively changing the dynamics of debt collection to a home-based business where producers can profit like never before. 

The internet has no doubt changed the course of the way humans perform tasks. It has not only brought you closer to information or given you a more accessible platform to shop or bank; it has also given you more job opportunities. For one, most businesses either have a digital presence alongside their physical stores, while some even run entirely online. It’s given birth to a new form of marketing and advertising, and a much more challenging and creative one at that.

If you want your business to succeed now and survive the hypercompetitive nature of companies in the coming years, then there’s no escaping the need to focus on digital marketing. This powerful weapon will help you attract and engage the audience and consumer base you need to take your brand to the next level.

Outreach Campaigns

Text Messaging

Social Media Management – In charge of scheduling posts, ensuring all social media accounts are active, and also responsible for community management. They are also tasked with creating new spins for previously published content for social media formats.


Content Creation– Produces content that is tailored to the voice and persona of the brand, whether for social media copy or blog posts.

Email Marketing – Maintains and grows the email list, properly segments subscribers, and delivers engaging email marketing campaigns to increase ROI.

Content Marketing – They are in charge of creating an editorial plan for content marketing, lead generation efforts, and others.

Structuring the Digital Marketing Team

The structure of your digital marketing team will be the fabric and base upon which your department will operate. There are quite a few models to choose from, and there’s no one-size-fits-all type. Here are some of them:

There’s nowhere to go but digital. In this day and age, you need to focus on prioritizing your online efforts just as much as your offline efforts—perhaps even more. Soon, you might also migrate all of your business processes with the help of automation tools, some of which you may already be using now.





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