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Our organization is dedicated to creating a lively platform for all credit and collection professionals where you can enhance your business, be a success story and become the financial success you've worked so hard, so long for all your career to achieve. Professionals that have vision can see that the Professional Debt Collectors Cooperative can be the perfect complement to you, y our group or organization. Our plan is quite simple yet ambitious.The Professional Debt Collectors Cooperative wants be your springboard to connect with and reach any audience you seek. Business associates, customers, or just interested persons can all find their path to greater business success by being a member of the 

Credit Cooperative for Credit and Debt Collection Professionals, Our platform is comprised of Professional Debt Collectors “The best in the business” to bring where you can find, learn about, educate, inform, advertise, promote and buy and sell,“All Things Credit and Collections.

We want to invite all Debt Collection and Credit Professionals to use our organization and portal to the world of credit and collections to promote themselves, communicate with like minded career professionals, buy and sell their products or, if you just want to be a part of our cooperative, just for the news and insights from the preeminent authorities in our industry.

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